City of Panora Sidewalk Program

Sidewalks are an integral part of the transportation system for the City of Panora. Panora is a pedestrian-friendly community. Sidewalks provide a safe location for pedestrian traffic for all ages of citizens. School children utilize the sidewalks to travel to and from school. They allow walking and jogging while being safely separated from vehicular traffic. Without sidewalks the intermingling of foot traffic and vehicular traffic would greatly increase the chances for serious injuries to both the pedestrian as well as the motorist.

Pursuant to City Code Section 136.04 and Iowa Code Section 364.12(2), property owners are responsible for maintaining the public sidewalks abutting their property. Likewise, cities are responsible for inspecting these public ways to make sure property owners are fulfilling their responsibility and taking corrective action if sidewalks are not properly maintained.

The City has established a sidewalk program to improve the quality of sidewalks in the City of Panora. This program provides a means of reviewing the condition of existing sidewalks throughout the City. This program will be available strictly for those served sidewalk repair notices by the City, and is first-come, first-serve for these persons. A rebate program has been developed for those that qualify that will pay up to one-half of your required repairs up to $1500.

Program Guidelines


The Sidewalk inspection program will be implemented over four years. Inspections shall occur each year over a three month period starting April 1 through June 30th. The areas affected are shown on this map and may change depending on schedule and priority by the City Council. Below is the implementation schedule:

Year 1: The 2015 inspection program will concentrate on the South Side of Hwy 44 with properties that currently have sidewalks. Repairs will need to be completed by October 1st of 2016.
Year 2: The 2016 inspection program will concentrate on the North Side of Hwy 44 with properties that currently have sidewalks. Repairs will need to be completed by October 1st of 2017.
Year 3: The 2017 inspection program will concentrate on incomplete sidewalks or all properties in the City that do not have sidewalks but sidewalks and curbs exist on other properties within the same block. Repairs will need to be completed by October 1st, 2018.
Year 4: The 2018 inspection program will concentrate on sidewalks for blocks that do not have any sidewalks or curbs. Repairs will need to be completed by October 1st, 2019

The affected area is inspected by staff using the sidewalk defect pictures adopted by the City Council.


Notices are sent to the owner of record according to the County Auditor's office along with pictures of the sidewalk to be replaced.


If residents plan to hire to have their sidewalks replaced or plan to replace the sidewalk themselves, then they must obtain an excavation permit. The City will provide a limited number of truncated domes (warning indicators) to residents that are required to install them on street corners. Check with the City for availability.


The City encourages residents to participate in the cost sharing program to have the repairs completed. If the applicant is interested in working with the City's contractor, a program reply form must be completed within 60 days from the date of mailing. Residents will be required to send payment with the reply form for 50% of the estimated cost of work as set out in the notice as a down payment for work to be completed.


If residents decide not to participate or complete the repairs within the time frame on the date of the mailing, then the repairs shall be completed by the City and the property owner shall bear the entire expense. Additionally, an administrative fee of $25.00 will be applied to cover administrative and billing costs. The property owner will have 60 days to pay the billing. If the bill is not paid in full within 60 days, the amount will be certified to the County Treasurer to be added to the owner's property taxes.

After the four-year plan is implemented, the City of Panora will continue the sidewalk program in an effort to provide safe public walk ways for its citizens. This effort benefits everyone who utilizes the sidewalks. Besides the state and local laws, it is this concern that drives the sidewalk program. As citizens of Panora, it is our responsibility to maintain our City.