Sidewalk Program FAQ

Why must I pay for it?

The State Code of Iowa (Chapter 364.12 and 364.13) and City Code places on each property owner the responsibility for repair and maintenance of sidewalks. More important, however, is the fact that courts have held property owners responsible for injuries when people have fallen on defective sidewalks.

What is required?

The enclosed Sidewalk Repair Survey Form and City Standards for Defective Sidewalks sheet show the work needed the location and specific reason for repair. Please contact the Public Works Director at City Hall if you need assistance interpreting the work required on the sidewalk.

Do I need a permit to do this work?

Yes, the permit is available at City Hall. The permit process notifies the City when the work is to be performed, by whom, and allows for inspection prior to pouring concrete for your protection. The permit fees have been waived for this project.

Will the City remove a street tree that is damaging my sidewalk?

If the tree that is causing the damage is in the public Right-of-Way, the City may remove the tree if it is dead or diseased. Please contact us as far in advance as you can, so we can properly schedule the work.

Can I use sack Crete or mix my own concrete for sidewalk replacement?

No. All concrete used for sidewalk replacement must be a commercially produced IDOT (Figure E) mix design.

What is the thickness of the sidewalk supposed to be?

The sidewalk is to be 4" thick, except through drives where it is to be 6" thick and separated by 1/2" expansion on all sides but the street side where 1" of expansion is to be used. (Figure H)

Can I use caulking or sealant to repair cracks?

(Figure K) Caulking or sealant is not permitted to repair cracks. Cracked sidewalks must be replaced.

Can I use patching material to repair spawled areas?

(Figure G) Patching material is not allowed for spawled sidewalks.

Can I mud jack or raise sidewalk to make repairs?

(Figure A) or (Figure D) Mud jacking is permitted for these repairs unless the area of repair is also cracked (Figure K) or spawled (Figure G), then it must be replaced. Raised sidewalks must be properly supported with stable suitable fill material. No grinding of figure (A) will be permitted.

Who is responsible for repairing my damaged irrigation system?

Any irrigation lines that are in the public right of way are subject to damage and are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair. These lines are not part of the Iowa One Call System and are often times in direct conflict with the necessary work.

Do I need to call Iowa One Call for a sidewalk?

Yes. Even though utilities are deeper than the grading needed for a sidewalk, form stakes could possibly reach some of the more shallow electrical and communication lines. It is always a good idea (and required by law) to inform Iowa One Call before doing any excavation or digging.